Aren’t we all
escapists, though,

into a system

in which we
contort to form

the thing we want

Escapades. We
want what hurts

most to get
the best pleasure.

I dare you
to jump off
of the crowned

monarch of another
presence, another

We were on the
rooftop shotgunning
beers with the notes

of hot charm,
when the thorn
of harm hit us.

We thought we
were fun up
there, at the edge

of the platform.
It could have
been so

easy, the spree
of not-
hing, antic,

antic, frantic


Night Owl Dock

Conscious dance
in the home of my-

The rain was gravy
when I sat outside.

It started to stick
to my eyes.

On the dock,
wooden tables
spread out,

wanting to reach
the houses
on the hill
of the mountains.

People talk
business, writers
come with notepads.

Lazy shadow day.
Shadow play.

Small trills
of drizzle,
robin, the ice

of sound that
feels like night
the whole after-


Do you remember?
When it was still
freezing out and

I didn’t bring a warm
enough jacket, and
neither did you,

so you took my hand
as we walked on

 the pavement

slipping like
night owls?


We eat pine-
apple in daytime.

Pile up the pins
from the peel,

lip our pain,
spit the spikes

into our laps.
We were a reck-
less junkyard,

with our hands
on the plush natal
queen, and the mid-

day juice spilled
all over us. We ran

mad with the corpse
of an apology.

The stem of the fruit
is just a nipple.

You kept shaking
the top, where you
made a small incision,

Kept nursing it
like a pale kitten,

absorbing tropical
gold welcome.



Thirteenth Hour

If a clock
doesn’t strike

analyze the animal.

Command military
time to let out profound
heartbeats. Demand

a certain extra hour,
for when time is dead

and there is no limit
to midnight. Dimness

found in concept, main
lock in absent nail-

tick of
last hour.



Kiss exile.
Hang a thin rod
inside hook of

the fort you tore
down. Exits slither
like an eel,

hints at the front
of unbelonging.
Backwards frontier

life. A person has
to keep the fire
alive, boil

the salmon
they fished
to lox,

keep the pillbox
open, anything,

lord, to keep
me without
kissing nob

of proscription,
trodden, dropped