Murdering Time with Playing Cards-NaPoWriMo-Day 21

Playing cards hold
the tip-shaped spears,
hearts spliced through
the middle, ribboned

with the hatband in
this style 10/6, 10
out of six chance
to gamble with—

The Queen of Hearts.
Ironic, the way she collects
hearts, shuffling open
the heads of her playing
cards, painting the roses with
their blood, transforming them
into rubies, Knave of Hearts,
King of Hearts, Pig and
Pepper, a Mad Tea-Party,

murdering time with asking
herself why is a raven like
a writing desk. It ticks the
same way, its wooden knobs
consume time, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…
the hour is murdered before
she can answer.


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