A Crossed-out Gen X (=unhappy)

 Are you unhappy?

We should be used
to this by now,
this question,

the way the world
falls apart on itself
so easily.

How it laughs at us.


Unhappy, when we spend
an exorbitant investment on
a degree, only to waste the
rest of our days sitting at
an office, that is,

if we’re lucky enough
to get an office job.

Idle servants of unpaid
emotional labor.

What do you plan
to do with your life?


 Life taunts us again.
Expects you to become
a person in its lonely center.

No education can prepare us
for that sort of descent.


Are you unhappy?
Our mothers may ask us,
then gift us with the hope
that we may attempt
the chronicling of self-


In the end, capitalism
always makes a profit
off of our misery.


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